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Spring Break on San Juan

Spring break 2016. Karen and I travel up to San Juan Island and stay in Friday Harbor for a couple days. After 30 years of living in this area this was my first trip to the islands.
Typical Northwest weather was with us but we donned our rain jackets and trekked through all the parks and coastline we could in a couple days.

Pictures here.

Best of 2015

Well - the book is done. The Best Photos of 2015 have been chosen and published.

Please click here to read the Preface of the book and see 2015 statistics.
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Adventure in Hood River

Karen and I took a little trip to the Hood River Oregon area. Our plan was to see the Maryhill museum and nearby Stonehenge replica. The museum was closed (always check before you leave…) but we got to see the Stonehenge and historic highway 30 in Oregon as well as a couple museums that were open. We stayed at the historic (built 1921) Columbia Gorge hotel. In a first for us there was a major power failure. Its weird to wake up to a flash and then looking around notice that even the Exit signs are unlit. First World Problems I suppose. The hotel was lovely with a HUGE waterfall off the back patio of the property and obviously a destination for weddings and other such events. The main theme of the trip was rain. Our first day down set records in the area for rainfall, second day was cloudy with featureless sky's but dry - for the most part. We hooked up with Nick and Kayla in Portland for brunch ( we had eaten with Lauren a few days before on the way down) to complete our travel. Highly recommend the area. Its big country with lots of beauty and space.

Photos here.

Planning Event

This last week my department did something its never done before - plan a quarter's worth of work for everybody at the same time.
We had north of 150 people in a room all planning their work and understanding how it fit with everyone else's work. There was a palpable sense of engagement and I hope this process smooths out the bumps we have when planning is done in dribs and drabs.

Photo's here.

Random Snap #9

Tolmie State Park is a sign I've driven past probably 1000 times. Its just north of Olympia off I-5.
Given the opportunity I recently packed up the camera and headed over to finally see this park while Karen was visiting with a friend in Olympia.
The day was cold and clear and the natural rainforest near the coast made for some lovely atmospherics.
The park is small and further off the freeway than I anticipated. Its lovely with a beach and bridge, and hiking in the hillsides above.
If the tide is low enough and the weather clear you can walk out and get a commanding view of Mt. Rainier.


I would guess this is mostly a park used by locals but I intend to return.
Another lesson in slowing down and stopping along the way.